CUB Skiff

This neat project was intended for a customer who wanted the size and agility of a traditional riveted boat, but with much more durability for a harsh environment.

This boat was built with the following features:

-outboard motor mount that allowed a full height transom to prevent backwash-splash

-Rhino-Liner anti-skid floor

-bright orange powder coat finish

-longitudinal benches running fore-and-aft


Expedition Tender

This explorer was built to be able to load an ATV on the included bow ramps, and also store a 2nd smaller boat inside when underway. Featuring a unique tunnel design, the jet is extremely wide and stable. 

-Exclusive Delta Tunnel

-extremely wide for maximum stability

-seat tops become bow ramps

-16'x8' dimensions

-highly versatile & maneuverable

-excellent payload capacity

+project examples:


O.R.C.A. Academy

This neat boat was built for the Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA) for mixed use saltwater bay, estuary, and river marine biology. 

-Internally chambered design

-generous storage

-center console control

-17'x7' dimensions

-extra deep,  high sides for student safety

-spacious foredeck



Commando R.S.

This highly agile, high speed, and shallow-running river jet was designed for SAR (search and rescue) and river patrol. 

This boat was built with the following features:

-Full Length Delta Keel

- 8 degree deadrise

-wide gunwales 

-light bar arch

-tiller control with option for center console

17' length, 7' beam

-Project cost: $15,500 w/o motor

250 H.P. Duck Boat

Built for a private consumer, this boat was designed around the specific hunting style of the client, with extreme heavy guage sides and bottom, and tons of gun lockers.

--signature delta keel

-ample locking gun storage

-self filling, self draining live well

-250HP Yamaha VMAX outboard jet



Specmar ORCA 16

This build was exciting as we partnered with naval architect SPECMAR on this project. Specmar designs many aluminum boats, the customer liked this one for its rugged construction and offshore capabilities.

16x7 dimensions

-self bailing deck

-integrated offshore bracket

-full length delta keel

-side or center console options

-aggressive bow rise for a dry ride

Pusher Skiff

This boat was specifically designed for a marina on the Columbia river for clearing tumbleweeds. Extremely stable, deep, and wide, this boat is a robust option for heavy duty skiff work. 


-twin large push knees on bow

-ample storage

-set up for 25HP prop

-perimiter fendering


Landing Craft

Est. Launch Date: July 2019

25'x9' shallow draft landing craft

build in process.png



Est. Launch Date: November 2019

25'x9' hot tub / bar boat

build in process.png



This beautiful european (Dutch) tender was designed for tendering to a larger vessel. The extreme stability and versatility also make it a fantastic day launch.